Get the best prices on Camping Cookware

Make Your Next Camping Trip More Enjoyable With The Right Cookware

You can make or break a camping trip by the food that you eat.  Yes, a glorious family camping trip can go very badly wrong if your loved ones are left hungry and asking for a McDonalds at the end of the day.  Camp eating, whether you have prepared it from a supply of goods that you have brought with you, or you are eating the fruits of your fishing or hunting trip, is such a huge part of the outdoor experience, that you really should take a little care in the selection of your tools and equipment.

Your camping cookware is a vital part of any trip.  There is a huge selection available online, and you don’t have to pay the earth.  The basics you will need for your al fresco dining are: a heat source, pots and pans, utensils to eat off and with.

Heat Source

Otherwise known as your camping stove, oven or grill. This will be your most important purchase. Ask yourself these 3 questions, and when you know the answers you will be well on your way to picking the perfect camping stove.
1) How portable do you need your stove to be? If you will be carrying it far then you need to pay attention to the weight.

2) How many people will you want to cook for?  1 burner is good for 1 or two people.  Any more mouths and you really need more.

3) What type of fuel is available in the places you are likely to go camping? Sticking with gas is your safest bet.  It’s cheap and can be purchased on or near every campsite.  (Make sure you bring spare with you though just in case).

Pots and Pans

Once again, keep an eye on the weight of these if you will be carrying them on your back.  Try and get ones that fit into each other snugly, as these will be so much more portable.

Eating Utensils

Camping plates and utensils are the one area that you can go a little wild on.  You can go from cheap and disposable to an upmarket designer camping range. Have fun choosing your favorite colors and designs. The mess tins of old are actually really cool today. Everything you use to cook on around a campfire needs to be easy to clean for two reasons.

1.   You will not have a dishwasher at your disposal and you do not want to be soaking things overnight to get cooking stains off them. Camping is about getting away from the daily drudge, so your pots and pans should be easy to wipe clean with a little mild soap.

2.    You should not be using strong cleaners or detergents on your camping utensils.  It’s not good for the environment and you will have a problem disposing of water that is polluted with chemicals.

Remember to protect your camping environment, always be aware of the regulations in place in the areas you will be staying. Invest wisely in your camping cookware and it will accompany you on many years of al fresco camp dining.